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The Aston Racetrack in the middle of England has several longer and shorter configurations within a nice countryside full of forest and light hills. The 5 configurations include the longest in S2 with 8.8 kilometers. Fast and slow turns, some altitude changes and a great chicane are the ingredients to this racetrack.


Aston Cadet
Map as1.png
Lyhenne: AS1
Pituus: 1.9 km

Cadet is the shortest configuration in Aston. After some very slow turns you have to be prepared for the awesome downhill chicane (screenshot). Try to keep the balance here and during the braking for the last turn and you are back on the start/finish straight. Cadet has it's own pits and a different start/finish than all other Aston configurations.


Aston Club
Map as2.png
Lyhenne: AS2
Pituus: 3.1 km

Club is a very popular track, especially in combination with the XFR. The main reason for this is, that it has many full throttle parts in which you can prepare an overtaking maneuver. The most challenging parts is the chicane-like combination in the mid and the chicane in front of the start/finish straight.


Aston National
Map as3.png
Lyhenne: AS3
Pituus: 5.6 km

Even more popular may be this track. You will probably find racers driving on this track all the time. Again, overtaking is really easy here. Despite the very slow turns in the mid of the track, this configuration is very fast. Most drivers prefer a GTR on this one.


Aston Historic
Map as4.png
Lyhenne: AS4
Pituus: 8.1 km

A very long configuration. After the first turn you will drive the cadet chicane reversed followed by another chicane the takes you to the grand prix-part. After a long straight and a very fast right-hander, a series of left-right combinations with a final long left-hander takes you back to the national part. This track differs not much from the Grand Prix track but these little differences (especially the cadet chicane), well, make the difference.

Grand Prix

Aston Grand Prix
Map as5.png
Lyhenne: AS5
Pituus: 8.8 km

The longest configuration of Aston. It is very similar to historic with detours around the most dangerous parts. Instead of driving the cadet-chicane you will stay on national a little longer. The fast right-hander is replaced by a fast chicane, too.

Grand Touring

Aston Grand Touring
Map as6.png
Lyhenne: AS6
Pituus: 8.0 km

The Grand Prix circuit, except with the slower Club first corner instead of the faster one used by Grand Prix, Historic and National.


Aston North
Map as7.png
Lyhenne: AS7
Pituus: 5.2 km

An extended version of the Cadet circuit with several slow second and first gear corners, and fast blind esses.

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