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Versio hetkellä 17. marraskuuta 2006 kello 13.22 – tehnyt Yaamboo (keskustelu | muokkaukset) (Sivu luotu.)
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Translation arrow.gif Sivulla on osia, joita ei ole vielä käännetty suomen kielelle.

Osallistu käännöstyöhön painamalla muokkaa-nappia!

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LX6 autocross-radalla
S1-autoja kiihdytysradalla

This area does not contain closed circuits. Instead, setup testing and free racing on the autocross area or skid pad and drags can be done here. This is a good place to use the autocross-editor, enabling you to create your own courses on the big open spaces here.


Map au1.png
Lyhenne: AU1
Pituus: N/A km

This is the second area exclusively designed for autocross layouts. It is shaped like a very bold "L". It's fun is only limited by your own imagination.

Skid Pad

Skid Pad
Map au2.png
Lyhenne: AU2
Pituus: N/A km

You want to test the grip of your car? Is your setup perfect for cornering? The Skid Pad is the place the test this. Nothing more to do here though. In fact, staying here too long is likely to make you dizzy.

Drag Strip

Drag Strip / 8 Lane Drag
Map au3.png
Lyhenne: AU3/4
Pituus: 1.1 km

A 1/4 mile (402 m) long straight, where two players can race head-to-head in a test of throttle control and shifting speed. 8 Lane Drag is the same as the drag strip, but for now up to 8 cars can compete at once for bigger multiplayer fun.

Live for Speedin radat
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