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Planet Fern Bay, tekijöinä KiDCoDEa ja DoN
Kuuluisa Fern Bay Greenin shikaani
Fern Bay Club, Gold ja Black -konfiguraatioiden ensimmäinen mutka

This environment situated in the sunny outlands of Jamaica contains four road and two rallycross configurations, plus reverse, including the longest S1 road configuation at 4.1 miles (6.6 km).


Fern Bay Club
Map fe1.png
Lyhenne: FE1
Pituus: 1.6 km

A short course, well suited to the smaller cars.


Fern Bay Green
Map fe2.png
Lyhenne: FE2
Pituus: 3.1 km

This track is famous for its very fast first chicane. There are a lot good spots to overtake.


Fern Bay Gold
Map fe3.png
Lyhenne: FE3
Pituus: 3.5 km

The railroad bridge with the previous very fast double right is the thing you will remember first of this track. You will find wonderful combinations here and some hills. As this track has only 3 straights, you will have to time your attacks wisely.


Fern Bay Black
Map fe4.png
Lyhenne: FE4
Pituus: 6.6 km

Longest track of S1. This track incorporates Gold and Green. Because it's very narrow with only 1 long straight and lots of turns, this one is maybe the most difficult track in LFS.


Fern Bay Rallycross
Map fe5.png
Lyhenne: FE5
Pituus: 2.0 km

This rallycross track consists of 70% Tarmac and 30% sand/mud. Most of the track is very twisted and narrow. The starting straight on the other hand is very wide and long. This is the only real overtaking spot on this circuit. The straight, the tight hairpin and the big jump (you have way more speed here than in the "RallyX Green" configuration) in the back are the main characteristics of this track.

RallyX Green

Fern Bay RallyX Green
Map fe6.png
Lyhenne: FE6
Pituus: 0.7 km

A very short rallycross track. 60% Tarmac, 40% mud/sand. Overtaking is very difficult on this track, because there is only one short straight and there are a lot of bends. A good start is very important here. The only possibilities to overtake are in front of turn 1 and in the long right turn at the end of the mud/sand-part. There is a pit area, but it's only for leaving the pits as you can't repair damage or refuel.

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