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Versio hetkellä 22. helmikuuta 2007 kello 19.22 – tehnyt Hiwer (keskustelu | muokkaukset)
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Planet South City, tekijät KiDCoDEa ja DoN
Osa radasta kulkee South Cityn moottoritiellä

Kuvitteellinen kaupunkiympäristöön sijoittuva rata. Rata on S1:n radoista tunnetuin. Rata sisältää viisi erilaista ratakonfiguraatiota ja niistä käännetyt versiot. Radalle ominaista ovat sen tiukat mutkat.


South City Classic
Map so1.png
Lyhenne: SO1
Pituus: 2.1 km

Yksi S1:n susituimmista radoista. It is a short fast configuration in the streets of the south city. The characteristic feature of this track is the bus stop-shaped double chicane that is surrounded by walls in the middle part of the track. It is important and difficult to exit this one with as much speed as possible, because of the following back straight. After this a long beautiful left hander takes you to the starting straight.

Sprint Track 1

South City Sprint Track 1
Map so2.png
Lyhenne: SO2
Pituus: 2.0 km

This track has in spite of its length two long straights. Overtaking is really easy, this definitely a city track for great fights. Because this is a sprint track, you won't be able to pit in (for changing tyres or damage repair), so you'd better be careful.

Sprint Track 2

South City Sprint Track 2
Map so3.png
Lyhenne: SO3
Pituus: 1.3 km

This is the shortest tarmac-track LFS has to offer. But despite it's length it has many tricky turns. Because of that you will not find many overtaking possibilities here. The main characteristic of this track is the long combination of turns after the start and the bumpy braking zone on front of the last corner. Keeping the balance there is quiet difficult. Don't be confused by the pits, you can start from here, but you cannot do a pitstop. It's a Sprint Track, just like Sprint Track 1.

City Long

South City Long
Map so4.png
Lyhenne: SO4
Pituus: 4.0 km

As the name indicates, this is the longest South City configuration you can drive in LFS. The first part is from Classic, the 2nd from Sprint Track 2 and the last from Sprint Track 1. If you are fast on this track, you are fast on any south city configuration.

Town Course

South City Town Course
Map so5.png
Lyhenne: SO5
Pituus: 3.1 km

This track is pretty similar to SO Long. The only difference is in the last part, instead of turning right after the tight hairpin, you follow the straight to the long last Classic turn. Definitely a great addition. If you don't like Classics 'Bus Stop' but the rest of it, drive this one, but be prepared for the twisty Sprint Track 2-part.

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